Hello, hello, hello! My beloved readers/voters, how have you been?

You know, today is an important day in the world. We have been watching two parties clashing in the US lately and, probably in the next hours, we will have the result of the most jaw-dropping elections in decades.

Whether you are a Biden or Trump supporter, I will never judge you on your choice. Nevertheless, think about people who believe and fight for love. I am sure you will understand which side is yours.

Tell me: who do you think will be the next president of the USA? Biden or Trump (again)?

Today’s column is regarding politics and its vocabulary. Here we have 20 words and sentences to illustrate their meanings. Do you understand all of them? Do you have questions? Well, let me know.

Conversation Club

In addition, I have an invitation, if you would like to talk about politics and elections in Brazil and the US, I invite you to join me in my Conversation Club next Tuesday, at 6 pm. In order to apply for it, visit our website. It’s free! Let’s talk about the winner of the US elections and ours here in Brazil.

Top 20 – Election Words in English

1. citizen
He applied to become an American citizen and vote. (For Lady Gaga)

2. debate
Education is the current focus of public debate. (not in Brazil)

3. election
The first election results have started to come in. #GoBiden

4. electors
The US President is officially elected by electors from each state, rather than by the popular vote. (I have never got that idea.)

5. eligible
Only people over 18 are eligible to vote. (what about drinking?)

6. majority
The Democratic candidate won by a narrow/large majority. (let’s see…)

7. minority
The fact that a party can be voted into power by a minority of the electorate calls into question the country’s electoral system. (Ok, gurl…)

8. opinion poll
The latest opinion poll shows that the president’s popularity has declined. (Thank God!)

9. party
They contacted party members from across the nation to ask for their support.

10. policy
What is your party’s policy on immigration? (That’s the question!)

11. politician
Several politicians were accused of dispensing favors to people who voted for them. (This is Brazil.)

12. politics
The group is campaigning to get more women into politics. (Please! More women, more black women, more trans women, more LGBTQI+ candidates!)

13. speech
The Governor of New York delivered a rousing speech to the national convention.

14. supporter
He is one of the president’s strongest supporters within industry. (Véio da Havan NO!)

15. to cast a vote
All the votes in the election have now been cast and the counting has begun.

16. to defeat
The proposal to change the rules was narrowly defeated (= by a very small number) by 201 votes to 196.

16. to run
He’s going to run against Smith/for president/for re-election.

18. turnout
In an election, the turnout is the number of people who vote.

19. to vote
The committee voted on the proposal, and accepted it unanimously.

20. voter
We asked a random sample of voters for their opinions on current political issues.

21. impeachment (#foigolpe)
“The coup that started with my impeachment is a political failure”. (Dilmãe)

All the sentences are examples from Cambridge Dictionary – and some things from my troubled mind. #peaceoutbitches

Good night.
And Good luck.